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Erotika un sekss - tā ir ne tikai relaksācija, bet arī mīlestības un laimes burvju pasaule. Labākās meitenes un masāžu saloni atgādās Jums neaizmirstamu baudu.


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Sex + I can boost your orgasm up to a minute or more, because I have the unique ancient Chinese secret of geisha massage. How to do incentives and increase sexual pleasure man.. The magnificence secrets and techniques ( the steps and methods ) of the Imperial harem of the ancient Chinese sexual training, including improvement in erection and increase potency, and a real Erotic massage and a lot of different sex and intimate contacts with all their variety and diversity of sex and possible Anal Massage for You in different ways . Individual, very tender and sexual relation, punctuality, confidentiality and experience. I offer to you to arrive to me, or I can visit you (only if You are in Riga). If YOU will do backuping for itself rest beforehand ( it means: that, today you reserve to itself rest for tomorrow. Or tomorrow the next day, on a future day), Then you will get a bonus half-hour or hour extra time as a gift.


Age: 31 years
Weight:  59 kg
Height:  167 cm
Bust:  3
Orientation:  bi

Price ( at hour ):  2.00 Ls

Massage for pair
Adult toys
Erotic massage

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